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An ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, is a motorized offroad vehicle which can provide many recreational and commercial advantages. The term is generally used to describe 4 wheeler vehicles designed for off road use.


We have a network of ATV dealers all accross South Africa and into Southern Africa. These dealers will have the ATV for you so simply complete the enquiry form or give us a call to see what ATV's we have available.


ATVs are used for everything from racing and recreational riding to hunting, farming, hauling, and even cutting grass. Because of their small size and awesome power, they can be used for an unlimited number of duties.




Our ATV's are designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other ATV vehicles.


We will help you decide what ATV is best suited to your ATV application. Once you know your budget then you will be able to determine which brand of ATV or size of ATV you can get. Having clarified your position with regards to ATVs you can start your investigation into the matter of buying either a new ATV or a used ATV.


ATV's for recreational purposes


There are many people who swear that ATV racing or riding on an ATV lets you experience racing and outdoor riding in a totally different way. You can perform all of your outdoor activities with ease whilst you are driving an ATV. You will however need to find the best ATV for your requirements.

The matter of a sports or recreational utility ATV will naturally be solved based upon your personal preferences. After all of these decisions have been made you can decide how to go about the matter of looking for suitable ATVs for sale. The best place to start your ATV hunt is right here at ATV South Africa.



ATV's for commercial purposes


There are many different types of ATV's which can be an asset to many businesses whether it be farming, mining, warehousing or to simply get from A to B. ATV's can be modified to become exactly what you require and comply with regulations your industry imposes.


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